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We look forward to seeing many of you attend to support all of the finalists.


Southend & District Bowling Association 2017 Finalist’s

Finals Day Sunday 10th September - 10.00am


Mens Inter Club

Rayleigh B.C.                               V    Bournemouth Park     10.00am  North Green


Men’s Singles

Jim Druce (South Benfleet)          V    John Lloyd (Essex County)1.00pm South Green

                                    Marker Mike Spackman

Men’s Pairs

Steve Gunnell (Bournemouth       V      Adam Miller (Southend)  1.00pm South Green

Roy Chinery                Park)                  Rob Measom


Men’s Triples

John Telling                                          V         Simon Short (Bournemouth Park)

Richard Telling (Bournemouth                         Jerry Telling          2.00pm North Green

Gary Telling                  Park)                           Brian Hennessy


Men’s Fours

Dave Cocklin (Thorpe Bay)          V     Mark Willis (Hockley)

Brian Arnell                                          Dave Muncer

Peter Bates                                          Norman Christensen       10.00am South Green

Tom Coster                                           Mike Carter                                                    


John Davey (Rayleigh)                  V    Peter Green (Hockley)     2.00 pm South Green

                                                 Marker- Ken Brown

Secretary Singles

Chris Flack (Essex County)               V         John Lloyd (Essex County)             10.00am South Green

                                                Marker- Dennis Newbery

Ladies Singles                                        

Pearl Furne (Hadleigh)                       V         Jan Collins (Rochford)                      2.00pm South Green

                                                Marker-Ron Chatfield

Ladies Pairs                                                                          

Jean Jacobi (Rochford)                       V         Jan Soar (Rochford)                         

Sandra Quinell                                                Jeanne Spackman

                                                                                          2.00pm South Green           

Ladies Triples

Margaret Chadderton (Fairwood)                   Beryl Horrex (Rochford)                  

Jackie Seal                                          V         Jan Soar                        

Sue Taylor                                                       Jan Collins                                                                                                                                         10.00 South Green


Mixed Pairs             4.00pm North Green

Steve Gunnell (Bournemouth Park)    V         John Lloyd (Essex County)             

Jan Collins (Rochford)                                    Jan Collins (Essex County)


Mixed Fours             5.00pm South Green

Kay Lee (Runwell)                               V         Jan Soar (Rochford)                         

Sharon Robertson (Essex County)                 Lynne Daughtrey (Essex County)

George Lee (Runwell)                                     Bobby Locke (Bournemouth Pk)       

Kevin Robertson  (Essex County)                   John Flower (Bournemouth Park)


All afternoon \times could be subject to change on the day:

Whites with club shirts: Rinks to be drawn before play commences:

Keith Boobyer & Pat Cooper will be our umpires:

Presentation of Trophies will take place when all games are completed.




The draws for this year can be seen by clicking here


The directory of this years players can be found by clicking here


2016 Finals Day Pictures

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